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Re: source

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>Here's the source.
>Btw, it would be nice if you could add this pragma to penguinplay.h rigth
>next to the #pragma first:
>#  pragma warning(disable: 4290)
>MS VC++ 5.0 doesn't support the throw () stuff after methods, and it issues
>a warning telling this every time it encounters this. That's somewhat
>annoying, and this pragma turns that warning off.


I fixed the other things you mentioned and now it compiles fine (no errors,
no warnings) 8-))

There are however some new things:

* Directory::RemoveFile () throws std::bad_alloc according to its exception
specification, but I'm pretty sure neither that method nor any method
called by it allocates anything.
That's only an example - most (if not all) methods in Directory.cpp have
std::bad_alloc in their exception specification while their declarations in
Directory.h had an throw () (i.e. specified that they throw *nothing*).

* DirectoryEntryIterator::Advance () should show the same behavior as
DirectoryEntryIterator::operator++ (), right? It doesn't. Using it in its
current implementation is very dangerous.

* The $Date$ etc fields in the header comments are filled in automatically
by CVS, so you don't have to do that ;)

Ok, that's it. I don't have the time to try to run it now, and
unfortunately you'll have a hard time testing it as well - without an
updated, DOSPath-capable URLInfo code and a largely implemented Win32.cpp
the thing won't even initialize (FileGlobalData calls SetCWD () on startup
which needs GetCWDPlain () in Win32.cpp which needs URL code that can
be initialized with DOS-style paths.

Anyway, the code is in ftp now.


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