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Re: PenguinInput

cbuergi@buergi.lugs.ch wrote:
>Okay. I finally managed to take some time. Now, some major parts of PPI are
>finished. Anyway, there is one thing I'd like to know from you (and especially
>from the PenguinGraphics people).

I have some bad news concerning this. I had some talk with Adrian (i.e.
"the PenguinGraphics people") and, well, he decided to retire (at least
for some time) from PPlay. This is what he wrote:

> Basically my reason for dropping out is this.  I don't like
> the new focus.  This is not to say that I don't agree with it,
> I do.  I wrote as much on the list.  But I still don't look forward
> to it.
> I am now considering whether to continue in the project
> clear we had to change direction, I was considering leaving
> the project, but thought it was in such a weak state that I should
> stay on at least until there were enough replacements for me.
> The new developments have made me wonder.  I am very busy at uni,
> I am working on a private project which interests me more etc.
> But I dont _want_ to quit.  I feel I owe it to the project to
> try and help it.  I don't think I should quit just because my
> particlar game (trying to build a comprehensive monolithic lib.)
> is over.
> So I think I shall stay on and play less of a role in the project
> for a while.  Once I find myself being able to once more concentrate
> on the details of the list, I might become active again.  I don't
> know.

and concerning pg2d:

> As I see it, we don't nee pg2d. I _like_ pg2d, but we don't need it.
> One day I may take it up again as a private project, or as part of
> another.  But there are other API's functionally equivilent, GGI
> not the least.

That means LibPPlay doesn't have graphics code for now and the event system
is without maintainer.

>The procedural event-distribution goes via callbacks (libXt-like). I would
>like to do so in OO as well, since it's very intuitive and fast and, unlike
>Signal/Slot, it doesn't need a preprocessor. What do you think?

Did you have a look at libsigc++ ?

>PS: I got a working implementation of basic timing-functions. They are precise
>to 1/100s and not portable at all ;=). Sorry, but POSIX only defines functions
>precise to 1s which is not enough for games. Therefore, I used setitimer
>(SysVr4 and BSD4.4).

AFAIK most Unices adhere to at least one of these "standards", so it should
be ok.


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