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Re: PenguinInput

On 11-Oct-99 Christian Reiniger wrote:
> That means LibPPlay doesn't have graphics code for now and the event system
> is without maintainer.

Great. :=(  I think I'll merge PenguinInput and PenguinEvent, then.

> Did you have a look at libsigc++ ?

Nope. I guess I should? ;=)  Where can I get it?

>>(SysVr4 and BSD4.4).
> AFAIK most Unices adhere to at least one of these "standards", so it should
> be ok.

They do. However, it will be HELL to port this to Window$.

PS: Looks like SDL is getting more and more important. A "port", which uses SDL
as target instead of GGI, might be a good idea, since SDL is much faster.

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