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Re: Phew...

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>> (1) URLInfo::ToPlain () has to be modified to modify the path to a proper
>> DOS-style one if neccessary. Add a
>> #if defined(PP_SYS_OS_UNIX)
>>  // the code where the comment says "that's all for Unix"
>> #elsif defined(PP_SYS_OS_WIN32)
>>  return ToPlainDos () // new method
>> #else
>>   // we have a problem...
>> #endif
>> at the bottom of the method
>Why make a seperate method for that? The functionality of turning into an
>MS-DOS style path is only ever used in ToPlain(): That's what ToPlain() DOES
>(in a Windows build).

The idea is that if we just enclose the code itself in 
#ifdef PP_SYS_OS_WIN32 etc then the compiler won't see that code on Unix
(and the other way round). On the other hand if we make it a seperate
method and only enclose the call in #ifdefs, the compiler can check the
code no matter what system we work on.

>> (3) The parameter-taking constructor and URLInfo::Init () have to be
>> modified to take an additional parameter bool IsNativePath (default value
>> false) indicating that the path is a plainfs path in native format.
>Ok. Are we going to store this value, or just use it once?

Er, both ;)
If IsNativePath is true, the code assumes it starts in "plainfs" mode and
sets is_for_plain accordingly. Perhaps we should rename that to "native"
mode, is_native, IsNative() ? Would be clearer.

>> Ok, I applied the fixes and the thing still compiles fine ;)
>Does it build for you? If yes, what happens when you run it? Well, ok,
>nothing, but what happens if you implement a main() and try to create a pak?

I just compiled the PFile part up to now, i.e. the stuff in src/ppUtils.cpp
was always missing. This is because the build system can't make one lib out
of all the code yet. Well, I'll try to fix that now.

>> The modified code is in ftp now.
>Hmm... I *know* there was something I wanted to say to you about the new
>directory structure for CVS, but I simply have no clue as to what it was.
>That really irritates me...

Another thing - can you include your VC++ project files in in the src
package the next time?


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