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Re: Phew...

Christian Reiniger wrote:
>I just compiled the PFile part up to now, i.e. the stuff in src/ppUtils.cpp
>was always missing. This is because the build system can't make one lib out
>of all the code yet. Well, I'll try to fix that now.

Ok, it works now. It was easier than I thought. Attached are the modified
src/Makefile.am and src/PenguinFile/Makefile.am (I haven't touched the
PSound one). The important parts are the noinst_LTLIBRARY in the PFile
Makefile.am and the libpenguinplay_la_LDADD in src/Makefile.am

The thing generates a libpenguinplay.[a|so] in /src/.libs/ - *not* in /lib/
as we planned. Bot that's fine as the lib usually is immediately installed
anyway. I'd say we remove the "lib" toplevel dir.
Another thing - what about adding a directory for the various Win32 project
files etc? Or should we store these directly in src/ ?

In any case, I think we can put the stuff into CVS RSN. At least PFile.


Drive A: not responding...Formatting C: instead
SUBDIRS = PenguinFile

lib_LTLIBRARIES     = libpenguinplay.la
libpenguinplay_la_LIBADD = PenguinFile/libpfile.la

INCLUDES = -I../include

libpenguinplay_la_SOURCES =  ppUtils.cpp


noinst_LTLIBRARIES     = libpfile.la

INCLUDES = -I../../include

# cut and paste from ls -- anyone want to tidy it up ?
libpfile_la_SOURCES =     \
    Directory.cpp         \
    DynMemAlloc.cpp       \
    FileGlobalData.cpp    \
    Flush.cpp             \
    GenericDir.cpp        \
    MemAlloc.cpp          \
    Open.cpp              \
    OpenDir.cpp           \
    PakFile.cpp           \
    PakFileDir.cpp        \
    PakFileFile.cpp       \
    PakFileUtils.cpp      \
    PakFileWDir.cpp       \
    PakFileWFile.cpp      \
    Read.cpp              \
    Seek.cpp              \
    StatMemAlloc.cpp      \
    URLInfo.cpp           \
    Unix.cpp              \
    ppfError.cpp          \
    ppfFlush.cpp          \
    ppfGetC.cpp           \
    ppfMisc.cpp           \
    ppfMount.cpp          \
    ppfOpen.cpp           \
    ppfOpenDir.cpp        \
    ppfRead.cpp           \