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Re: Progress Update

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>As a side note, I tried opening and closing 10000 files in a directory with
>10000 files (ie, all was opened once each). I just did a fclose(fopen(path,
>"rb")). Nothing else. All paths were allocated and created before-hand. It
>took two minutes to run. The amount of files was a bit extreme, but: two

Hehe :) If PFile will take more than 1s for the same thing (if all the
files are in a Pak of course) we did something wrong :)

>Funny thing: what took by *FAR* the most time was actually closing the
>files. Does anyone have any idea why this is so?

Weird. Perhaps it does some synchronizing although you only opened the
files for reading?

>I must say I perfer to being able to trust the kernel to fix its OWN
>problems that trusting code in a completely different code library to do it.

Hooorayy! A misunderstanding 8-)

>libc is what exactly? Sounds like it works only with C/C++.

libc implements the Linux API, i.e. all C stdlib calls, all POSIX calls
etc. More or less like Win32.dll on, well, Win32. libc is a core part of a
Linux system, it's more an userspace extension of the kernel than a
seperate entity.


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