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SV: SV: PFile notes

> >A) "new sync scheme" ? Synchronization for what, exactly? Cached writes?
> Ooops, sorry. <WHACK>. Not "sync" but "serialization"
I know the feeling ;)

I'll have a look at PakFile::Umount.


The changes were pretty quick. I changed the code to do exactly what the old
code does, just in the new scheme. All it does is to open a file (specified
by filename), serialize and close the file.

However, that leaves serialization of the header (or footer, as is the case
with format 1) for the pakfile itself undone. I'm not exactly sure how that
was done in the old code (seems like it wasn't), or where you want it done
(I'd recommend in PakFile::umount() ), so I left that one out.

I left a couple of comments that should make it very clear exactly what
needs to be done to get the serialization scheme to work properly with the
pakfile header data. Its very, very, very little, actually, but if its not
done, the offsets in the file header data will be wrong, and you'll get some
very strange results.

Updated versions of Diretory.cpp and PakFile.cpp is coming in priv. mail.

> >> (2) Is there a good reason that Directory::Add (Directory*)
> does not call
> >> SetParent () for the added dir? I have some problems getting
> mounting to
> >> work because of this...
> >>
> >I don't see any.
> Good.
This is also fixed in the source I sent you, in case I forgot to tell you.