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Re: PSound & ppconfig.h

Hi folks.....I am a CS student from Brazil and I found the PP project quite
interesting....currently I am developing a simple real mode x86 game
library (video, sound, efx and sprite routines).....much of the stuff is
damn hardware dependent...I am quite interested how you guys are dealing
this in Linunx since it has a abstraction layer to ensure portability....is
PP x86 dependent?? 

how you guys are addressing the sound stuff? it is often timer dependent
and as far that I know (I must admit I never did much on gcc....just some
'hello worlds') Linux does not like realtime and has many differences on
timing on its different implementations (and ANSI C, so defended by
linusers offers only ONE simple timing related function, right? )....I
could address the same questions for playing video streams....

another question...are you guys focusing on the hardware->software 
interface (basic I/O functions for the different game devices and file
formats) or in the game development itself (animation, sprite routines, 3D,
tiles, data structs) ??

more this.....what are the expected speed ratio compared to MSDOS
equivalent functions? won't it be slower because of the Linux abstraction

are you guys open for comments, adds, testing and contribution in this
project (since this year's end I'll jump definivelly into the Linux
world...:-) )

that's it, thanks for your attention!