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Re: Welcome (was: PSound & ppconfig.h)

> But we haven't tested it on architectures other than x86 yet (I assume
> don't have some old SPARC or Alpha box at home? ;)

at college there are some PPC's....but my teacher said that linux for PPC
still lacks many things....I work as network dude inside the campus...maybe
I can get to some of them to test it....but untill the years end they will
be working at full capacity...after that they will be "disabled" or we will
throw NT Servers into them to do simple domain authentication...it's
because AIX (their "official OS") is almost killing the support
personnel...they don't like to deal with it.... :-)

> No hardware access - that's the duty of drivers. File formats: yes.

what kinds of data formats?? for gfx storage? datamaps? tiles? sound?
(please be more specific, say which well known formats are supported,
probably you guys are also creating your own file format, as the allegro
dudes did.....)
> LibPenguinPlay doesn't have any gfx code, and we don't plan to add that
> soon. LibPP is intended as collection of the things missing in other
> libraries - and there are already tons of (good) gfx libs out there.

whats the best one to start working with?? I heard that GGI is the best
option ....that's true??