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Sv: [RANT] What's up ???

>Please don't tell me "Do what you want, I'll just continue coding on my
>part" because that's simply not possible! If I go on with my plans almost
>every aspect of PPlay will be changed - you won't be able to ignore that.
How would PenguinFile change? (just curious)

>If you hate the new plans - come on, flame me.
>If you agree with everything - send a mail just saying "I agree".
>If you don't know what to think about it yet - say so, and say what your
>  concerns are.
"I agree"

>As it stands now the CVS repository contains tons of obsolete stuff and is
>still structured according to the original PPlay goals, which is completely
>inappropriate even if we do decide to just continue as before.
>Furthermore when the Coding Standard is ratified half of the PSound files
>(*.hpp), half of the PFile files (*.cc) and half of the P2D files (*.cc)
>have to be renamed. Which is ugly with CVS.
>So we should make a tarball of the current repository (for history
>preservation), completely *dump* it (the repository) and create a fresh new
>one, just containing the healthy parts of PPlay.
I couldn't agree more with this. Its a complete mess right now.