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Re: Sv: [RANT] What's up ???

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:
>>Please don't tell me "Do what you want, I'll just continue coding on my
>>part" because that's simply not possible! If I go on with my plans almost
>>every aspect of PPlay will be changed - you won't be able to ignore that.
>How would PenguinFile change? (just curious)

Depends. Things like the build system (switch to automake, better
integration with the other "parts", ...), versioning scheme etc come to
Ok, I exaggerated a bit - if you only look at the thing with a "I just want
to continue coding on my lib and don't care about PP as a whole" mindset
the changes affecting you will be rather minimal. (not implying that you
have that mindset, of course, Bjarke).


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