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Re: debug memory handler

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>Perhaps it would be a good idea to include this thing into PenguinPlay:
>        http://www.dmalloc.com/
>It's a debug memory handler that checks to see that everything is going on
>the way it should (ie, no memory buffer overwrites and the kind).
>It's not C++, but that's just a matter of calling malloc() from new and
>free() from delete.
>Anyone knows of a better alternative?

Dunno if it's better, but electric fence does about the same thing.
In any case it should be quite simple to use one of these without
direct support from PPlay. Should be enough for normal debugging.
Optionally we can have an autoconf option for that. The build system has to
be rewritten anyway. But there's much to do before that.


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