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Re: [RANT] What's up ???

>Ok, now just to shock you a bit more here's another radical change I want
>to perform:
>As it stands now the CVS repository contains tons of obsolete stuff and is
>still structured according to the original PPlay goals, which is
>inappropriate even if we do decide to just continue as before.
>Furthermore when the Coding Standard is ratified half of the PSound files
>(*.hpp), half of the PFile files (*.cc) and half of the P2D files (*.cc)
>have to be renamed. Which is ugly with CVS.
>So we should make a tarball of the current repository (for history
>preservation), completely *dump* it (the repository) and create a fresh
>one, just containing the healthy parts of PPlay.

I've renamed the header files for PenguinSound to .h but I haven't placed
them back into CVS yet.
I'm kind of happy to dump the CVS repository for penguin sound. It means we
can finally get rid of
the unused directories which made it a bit messy.

It would be nice to have a standard directoy heirachy for the project.
Previously some projects
were under the main directory eg /PenguinSound and others were in the
src directory eg /src/PenguinFile.

Heres a little status report on what I've been doing with PenguinSound:

I've modified my mod player so that it uses PenguinSound. This means I can
now test and verify
that all the functionality works. At the moment all the drivers have a few
problems with them the
most serious one is with mmapped /dev/dsp. The device doesn't get closed
properly and keeps
playing a loop over and over again. The DirectSound one is probably the
most complete except
that I haven't gotten looped samples to work properly yet. DirectSound
doesn't really support
looped samples very well. I had thought about using IDirectSoundNotify so
that I could tell
when the sample reached a certain point and then try setting the position
at that time, but it
seems to be a late addition to DirectSound and isn't in the version that
comes with
MSVC++ 5.0. There is also a problem with setting the frequency for the
The /dev/sequencer expects you to use a midi note number and a pitch bend
to change
the pitch of the samples. There is no interface for setting the frequency.
I will need to
convert the frequency to a midi note number and a pitch bend.

Here are the results of the rtti tests.
I had to add "using namespace std;"  to the file before it would compile.
MSVC++ 6.0 places
all the STL stuff in the std namespace. You also have to enable RTTI as it
is off by default.

The program output was:
APtr is of type A
APtr is of type B

Peter Burns