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>(2) Rewrite the build system (which is a little mess now)
>That includes switching to automake for Un*x systems, properly setting up
>the neccessary stuff for Win32 compilation, making the thing build *one*
>library out of everything (having many small libs is bad)
>Peter, you have experience with automake. Can you start planning on this?

Is it possible to insert libraries into another library?
If so it shouldn't be to hard to switch to automake. We should probably
be using one config.h for the entire project as well. Perhaps we should
call it something like ppConfig.h.

I'll make a start on it when the CVS repository has been cleaned up.
I think its possible to delete directories in CVS by editing the files that
uses but thats probably not a good thing to do.

Where should the include files for each project go? Do they all get placed
in somewhere like /usr/local/include/PenguinPlay  when installed? Or do
they get placed in separate subdirectories for each  project. It would
be a good idea to have them placed in the repository the same way as we
them to be when they are installed ie some where like

Peter Burns