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Peter Burns wrote:

>>(2) Rewrite the build system (which is a little mess now)
>>That includes switching to automake for Un*x systems, properly setting up
>>the neccessary stuff for Win32 compilation, making the thing build *one*
>>library out of everything (having many small libs is bad)
>>Peter, you have experience with automake. Can you start planning on this?
>Is it possible to insert libraries into another library?

Not directly. What about simply having all sublibs' object files as
dependencies for the main lib?

>If so it shouldn't be to hard to switch to automake. We should probably
>be using one config.h for the entire project as well. Perhaps we should
>call it something like ppConfig.h.


>I'll make a start on it when the CVS repository has been cleaned up.

NOTE TO ALL: I'm sending a mail triggering this to sunsite NOW. That means
no CVS access for the next time!!

>I think its possible to delete directories in CVS by editing the files that
>uses but thats probably not a good thing to do.

Completely right.

>Where should the include files for each project go? Do they all get placed
>in somewhere like /usr/local/include/PenguinPlay  when installed? Or do

$(prefix)/include/PenguinPlay , yes

>they get placed in separate subdirectories for each  project. It would


>be a good idea to have them placed in the repository the same way as we
>them to be when they are installed ie some where like

Fine with me. It's not as convenient as the current setup, but easier for
the build system.


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