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Re: I'm back

Here's some items from an older mail that haven't been answered yet.

>* What about "suspending" use of the parts' mailing list for now,
>moving all traffic to the main list? Having one creek is better than
>many trickles, especially in a restructuring phase as we are in now.
>Having everything on one list should make it harder to miss important
>pieces (some people might be only subscribed to one of the lists) and
>improve communication between the "parts" (not that it would be bad
>now, but each part's progress tends to be a bit too "non-public" IMHO).

>* I'm now doing a ppWarning ("Invalid Arguments"); when an API function
>in PFile is called with an invalid parameter and ppWarning ("Out of
>Memory"); when "new" fails. We should standardize on such messages so
>that the user can just grep over the debug output and get meaningful
>results. Ideas for more standard messages?


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