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Re: [RANT] What's up ???

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>If you hate the new plans - come on, flame me.
>>If you agree with everything - send a mail just saying "I agree".
>>If you don't know what to think about it yet - say so, and say what your
>>  concerns are.
>Ok, I can't say I've followed the discussions that thoroughly, as it has
>been mostly about stuff that doesn't concern me. If anything I've done is
>in PP, then I don't want it to be changed. It's too much job for something
>that already works. Changing stuff introduces errors, and I must say I

AFAIK there's no code from you in PP. Anyway the "real" changes are not
changes to the code but changes in project orientation/organization etc.

>don't even like the naming conventions etc. that are used in PP.

Can you be more concrete? There's still time to improve them.


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