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Re: please help

Esben Haabendal Soerensen wrote:

>Christian> Bad. Sunsite people, please help (the
>Christian> unsubscribe_address@... won't work here, right?)
>Maybe.  It is not necessary to send the confirmation reply from the
>address in question, so unless no forwarding from the old address is
>setup there should be no problem.  Just send a mail to
>and reply to the confirmation request from ezmlm.

Good to know.

>If this is not possible the list owner/moderator can always subscribe
>and unsubscribe people without any further fuzz.  So if the list
>owner just send an email to the above mentioned address everything
>should be in order.

Ah, ok.

>After your "takeover" I have not set you as list owner and added you
>as moderator.  

do you mean 
(! (SetOwner ()) && (SetModerator ())
(! (SetOwner () && SetModerator ())


>Should I remove speter@essi.fr as moderator ?

If there's room for two moderators keeping him in is better.

>The moderator for linuxgames@sunsite.auc.dk is icrawfor@uoguelph.ca

(CC) Ian, are you still active?


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