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Re: [RANT] What's up ???

Jan Ekholm wrote:

>>>don't even like the naming conventions etc. that are used in PP.
>>Can you be more concrete? There's still time to improve them.
>I don't like to redefine common types with own ones, such as int, char

The only types defined here are 
ppBool for compilers that don't know bool (but I'd say we drop this, it
       shouldn't be neccessary anymore)
ppInt32 etc as types with guaranteed minimum size
pp32    etc as types with guaranteed exact size
ppTimeT etc as better abstraction of some basic types

Those are neccessary. But perhaps you had the
typedef int ppInt
stuff in mind (which was removed some time ago).

>not mean I have to like it. I also don't like to be force to have a common
>prefix for all classes, that's what namespaces are for. Namespaces don't

As it looks we will use namespaces in some or the other way. See the other
mail(s) for some more on that.


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