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Re: Hmm...

Bjarke Hammersholt Roune wrote:

>Anyways, I suspect that the people behind the various libs will be *more*
>than happy to write up a little short review of their lib, what it does, how
>well it does it and what the future plans are. We would then only really

I think so as well. (See the other mail on this topic before reading on).
The LGDC has been often called the "best resource for Linux game
developers", so it's in a good enough position for this.

>link to the lib. Only thing left is an index page. Minimum effort (track

PHP is nice for this (btw what I forgot to say in the other mail - As the
LGDC is also hosted by sunsite denmark using the database for both the LGDC
and PPlay is no problem).

>Now, of course, since the reviews are written by the people who are working
>on the libs *themselves*, this in some or most cases won't be a very
>objective review. However, I really do doubt anyone wold resort to downright
>lying. And, really, who better knows a lib than the folks who wrote it?

Yup. And reviews from the libs' users (i.e. game coders) will do a good job
making the stuff more objective.

>users). Asking people to send in their experience with a lib might also be a
>major source of quality information if we get enough visitors.

Right ;)

>don't see the obstacles keeping PPlay from moving forward on this. If
>something can be done now, then why wait for tomorrow?

Because tomorrow (or so) the LGDC database+PHP stuff will work and make
that entire thing much easier :)

>On another note, if this part of PPlay is succesfull, it might reflect
>beneficially on the other parts of PPlay with a nice boost of credibility
>and interest.

I don't think that's required. Both PFile and PSound are doing well IMHO.


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