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Re: Hmm...

Matt Slot wrote:

>> So the new agenda for PPlay is to round up all the libs out there and
>>list their strengths and drawbacks. There hasn't been any major
>>objections from anyone about this (I have a bad memory, I didn't
>>forget something, right?). 

Ok, well, *grin*, I guess there's something I have to explain here ;)

You remember the little "in close cooperation with the LGDC" thing in the
agenda? Well, there *is* someone maintaining such a list: Bert Peers, the
maintainer of the LGDC "Tools" section. That thing is still very young and
it won't be really existent until the LGDC database+PHP setup is
operational, but it's one of my top priorities as LGDC coordinator ;)

>My only comment is that we need to keep such a list *current* or it won't
>be of very much use. I'm not just talking about new engines, libraries, or
>ports -- but the current status of each ("works on Linux and Win32, MacOS
>port is stalled", "no observable progress in 6 months"). This wouldn't be
>daily work, but just a matter of watching for announcments and checking the
>status page every month or two.

Having a "last update" field & asking the lib authors to inform us on
updates (as it is done at happypenguin.org for games) makes this easy.

>It's not too hard to write such a list, nor is maintaining one, but they
>tend to get neglected after a while.  I guess it's a good argument for a
>dedicated Web and documentation person, who can keep tabs on such things.

Right ;)


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