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Library/Tool database

Ok, here's a collection of the ideas concerning the library/tool database,
plus some new things by me.

(I'm sending this to both the LGDC and PenguinPlay lists as it affects both
projects about equally.)

(1) The things we have to store in the database:

ID number
Current version
Current version's release notes
Date of last update
Download location [what about mirrors?]
Short description
Library author's comment [?]
Supported platforms (Hw/OS combinations) [incl. comments (port status
Underlying libraries [incl. comments] User comments
Feature list [see below]
Links to games using it [?? Link to happypenguin ??]

(2) How the data is collected

* The library authors provide us with most of the data, both the initial
set and successive updates when new library releases come out. Somehow in a
happypenguin- or freshmeat-like way.

* Group 1 of us collects that info, checks it and properly updates the

* Users of the libraries are encouraged to post comments, descriptions of
their experiences etc. If possible via some web form or automatic mail
processing system, so that we just have to look at it from time to time to
remove the troll entries.

* Group 2 of us (working on PenguinPlay grounds) performs specific tests on
(some of) the libs, e.g. trying to use as many of them in a single game to
see if any conflicts arise, taking a critical look on their compilation and
installation behavior or using them in weird configurations.
I don't know exactly how we'll do this - perhaps with some "Game Library of
the Month" thing similar to the "Game Project of the Month" ??

* Group 2 might also collect a set of recommendations on what libs to use
for what kind of game, what libs *not* to use both in the same game etc.

(3) The "User Interface"

The entire thing targets both game developers and game library developers.
For the game developers it has to be possible to
  - Search for libraries by category plus eventually required features
  - Get crossreferences to articles/tutorials/newsitems referencing each
  - Compare it with other libraries by various criteria
  - Sort the library list (search results, complete category list etc) by
    several criteria (time of last update, number of attached comments,
    number of features (?) etc)

For library developers the following things are also important:
  - Search for similar libraries / libraries with similar goals
  - Getting good publicity
  - Having the possibility to have upated apper on the site *quickly*

(4) Who does what?

Well, you know that I'd like to have PenguinPlay as a kind of
"semi-autonomous part" of the LGDC do the majority of this work. Which of
course doesn't mean that anyone on the LGDC list shouldn't contribute ;) It
just means that much of the work would be done in a seperate "room"
(mailing list, ftp space, CVS repository etc) of the same "building".

In this context I also like Rob's idea of "reviving" his LGB as such a more
independent part of the LGDC.


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