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Re: source file locations

Peter Burns wrote:
>>Right now most of the source files are in src/somedir (e.g.
>>src/PenguinSound), but a few (the global utility code, like the debugging
>>functions) are directly in src/ (only src/ppUtils.cpp yet).
>>Peter, does this create problems with automake?
>I'm not sure. It might cause a bit of inconvenience.

We can also move it to a subdir (src/base ?) - just say so.

>I'm not sure exactly how to get automake to build one library using
>several directories of source.  I've never done that before. I'm
>sure it can be done though.

Can you start working on it now? I'd like to have the build system working
before we put things back in CVS, as it might (as in this case) require
some file moving etc.


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