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SV: Sv: I'm back

>>>>Ok, perhaps just "Memory corrupted".
>>>I somehow can't imagine a case where to print this.
>>I see what you mean. Allocators could incorporate features to check for
>>memory corruption, though. They don't, though.
>What do you mean with memory corruption? Alpha particles switching bits in
>RAM (well, sh*t happens) or other apps overwriting part of our mem (can't
>happen in a real OS)?
I mean writing to memory that should not be written to. Like writing off the
end of an array. Its quite easy to detect, really, you just add a
noman-lands fill at the start and end of each allocated block of memory.
Then check, at deallocation, that these two areas have not been changed from
the values you origionally assigned to them. I think I'll add that to the 6
allocators sometime. Not very top-priority, though.