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SV: Sv: new cvs tar

>>That's a bit more convinient.
>But the other way makes it more visible where we are. I think that's worth
>the little inconvenience.
Now I think about it, you're perfectly correct.

>>Are we sure we really want to use the stuff in LayerO.h? I don't like
>That has been written by Adrian quite some time ago. I haven't used it yet,
>and I'm waiting for some words from him now.
I tried doing something similar in one of my projects. It ended up a
complete mess. Accessors got very confusing to read, partly because no one
is used to having macroes rutinely define members on a large-scale, partly,
and especially, because not all accessors do just the basic "accessor thing"
(ie, fetch or set a data member), and those can't be supported, so you end
up with a mix of macroes and normal accessors. Besides, with the very long
macro names, you don't even save that much typing anyway.

Its possible I just implemented it in a bad way, though.

I'm not sure how well perceps will handle that either.