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[pygame] Bug for Pygame on Mac, doesn't receive keyboard inputs.

Hello everybody. I hope it's the right place for this report. I would
like to report a problem in Pygame for Mac. I also use Windows and I
have no problem. However for Mac the situation has worsened
significantly. First of all, to install Pygame on Mac I followed a
long procedure, because pip alone could not install it and gave error.
But once this procedure is finished, Pygame has installed itself,
however every game created with Pygame does not receive keyboard
inputs. Could you solve in the next versions? I leave you here all my
specifications and the only way I have found to solve it on Mac.
Thank you,

macOS Catalina 10.15.4
python 3.8.2
pygame 1.9.6 (but I have tried different versions, from 1.9.4 onwards)
The only method I found to solve the problem I read on a forum, where
a user proposed to install pyobjc (pip install pyobjc) and then add
these lines:

from AppKit import NSApplication