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Re: [pygame] The great pySchism, was: how to remove spam comments in pygame wiki

On Jul 31, 2009, at 11:24 PM, Brian Fisher wrote:

Besides, having two websites for pygame users for a while doesn't mean there will be two websites forever. If one wins, the other will probably die, one way or another. A little confusion in the short term may well be worth it in the end.
If, on the other hand, the website being proposed becomes a reality though, and people who use it think it's super awesome, and it looks like it will likely be well maintained, then the new proposal would be something like "migrate the project data over, migrate the site over to the main server, and then let everyone love the awesomeness", which is a very different proposal.

Creating an entirely new site is really the proper way to continue at this point. If the new site trumps pygame.org in terms of useful documentation, tutorial resources, and community features, pygame programmers will flock to it. Until then, it's just an unproven proposal that isn't going to gain traction. Once you have some traction, then this discussion can continue.

I understand that not everyone wants mailing list traffic about it,
but I think the first step would be to not have a seperate closed
mailing list discussing website development.  Discussing it here
allows everyone to debate about features/implementation without
building it first and then getting rejected.

I agree with keeping it on list - but I have to ask, are pygame- users offended/annoyed/displeased by the mailing list traffic on this? I'm not aware of anybody who has said so. Have you heard from anyone who is?

I can't speak for Zack, but when he posted "Let's do our best to keep drama off the mailing list" I interpreted it to be more like saying people should keep their posts practical and professional instead of being emotional - as opposed to saying "take it off list guys"

That's exactly what I meant. Talking about a new website is perfectly appropriate here. It's a great place to get advice and feedback too. Just keep it professional. No one here is out to stifle anyone else or violate the principles of open source. In fact, never are the principles of open source drawn into better contrast then when parties are at a disagreement about the direction of a project. Don't fight: demonstrate.