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Re: [pygame] how to remove spam comments in pygame wiki

On Sat, Aug 1, 2009 at 12:55 AM, Devon Scott-Tunkin <djvonfunkin@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
This is something I have put much thought into and I believe using a combination of fluid width with maximum and minimums is the best solution for single column pages and have chosen this design instead of fixed width or completely fluid width.

As webpagesthatsuck.com will tell you in its list of no-nos for web design:
-Our site uses liquid design.
-Our site uses fixed-width design. (You can't win. Liquid is wrong on wide-screen monitors because you have line lengths that are hard to read — and vice versa.)

you just can't win ;).

but if you want the objectivity behind my decisions please read:

I find it interesting that this study notes kids prefer ~45 characters per line and then web 2.0 sites popular with kids (myspace (shudder), facebook, blog templates etc) all have extremely short fixed-length line lengths for their content columns.


Specific content adds additional constraints to the width conundrum; look at
some code lines are truncated to fit, very bad for code.
And adding a horizontal scroll bar is not really a solution.
The projects column adds nothing to the page value, and takes real state better to be used for code.
(additional note for this specific page: IE7 cannot save this page as html plus images; only as .mht )