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Re: [pygame] camera module: yuv, hsb, controllers and poc game

> Nirav, since you joined Apple, maybe you can ask the good people in
> Cupertino, how they intended this to be done :P

I see you posted to the Quicktime mailing list.  That is probably your
best bet.  Me asking would unfortunately get into grey areas around IP

> In case there is no way that qt support this controller, should I just keep
> them out and use transform.flip instead?

Transform.flip would be quite slow.  Probably your best bet for speed
if it can't be done within Quicktime would be to copy the image
flipped from the Quicktime buffer to the Surface.  As in, if the user
requests flipped, iterate through the rows normally on the copy, but
copy from the last column to the first column in each row.  At this
point though, using Transform.flip would be much quicker to implement,
so you may want to do that and focus on fixing the other stuff.

Someone posted a patch to do something similar earlier:

> I have been testing the camera games by nirav (bouncy bal, pointillism,
> reflectionrejection), pointillism runs very slow, about 2,5 frames a second,
> and the other don't display an image frame. I haven't found the problem yet.

To check performance problems, try using the cProfile module to see
what functions it is slowing down on.