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Re: [pygame] camera module: yuv, hsb, controllers and poc game


nice work!

Also check out the apple performance profiling tools*.  They should let you see which objc functions are slow, where as the cprofile module just works for python exposed functions.

You probably need to add -pg to the gcc flags so it adds profile information when it compiles.


* http://developer.apple.com/tools/sharkoptimize.html

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 1:24 PM, el lauwer <el.lauwer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Since, GSOX is drawing into a close I though I post an other update on my progress.

First of all, I have added support for yuv and hsb color output with different color depths by using the color transform functions.

I have looked into the flip controller, and the only function I could find in the Quicktime API that should be able to do this is SGSetChannelMatrix(channel, matrix) [0]. However when I try to set an mirror matrix (a scale + translate matrix) it return an error that indicates that the transformation matrix isn't supported.
Here is the code sniped:

MatrixRecord matrix;
Fixed minusOne = Long2Fix(-1L);
Fixed PlusOne = Long2Fix(1L);
Fixed zero = Long2Fix(0L);

ScaleMatrix(matrix, fixed1, minusOne, 0, 0);
TranslateMatrix(matrix, Long2Fix(self->boundsRect.right), 0);
SGSetChannelMatrix(self->channel, &matrix);

You can find more context in the file src/camera_mac.m:133

Nirav, since you joined Apple, maybe you can ask the good people in Cupertino, how they intended this to be done :P

In case there is no way that qt support this controller, should I just keep them out and use transform.flip instead?

I have been testing the camera games by nirav (bouncy bal, pointillism, reflectionrejection), pointillism runs very slow, about 2,5 frames a second, and the other don't display an image frame. I haven't found the problem yet.

[0] http://developer.apple.com/documentation/QuickTime/Reference/QTRef_SequenceGrabber/Reference/reference.html#//apple_ref/c/func/SGSetChannelMatrix