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Re: [pygame] OpenGL


PyOpenGL is basically OpenGL--it's what I use, and hence I can recommend it.  I also know of tutorials (the infamous NeHe has Python ports of lessons 1-10).  There's plenty of resources here. 

PyGlet is also basically OpenGL, although you'll get a higher level interface.  I found the major structure to be inflexible and clunky--but the special features/functions to be easily accessible--but I never really got into it. 

Rabbyt looks like a fast 2D sprite library that uses PyOpenGL/PyGame or PyGlet as a backend.  I could be wrong.  Also, it looks like using Rabbyt with PyGame is straightforward, although I can't speak from experience there.  Googling "rabbyt pygame" returned examples--although not tutorials--such as http://www.pygame.org/project/328/?release_id=768.  A quick look at Rabbyt looks like integration with PyGame is straightforward.  E.g.:
pygame.display.set_mode(size, pygame.OPENGL | pygame.DOUBLEBUF)