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Re: [pygame] Back to the Scrolling

On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Guillaume Proux wrote:
> Does not seem to make a difference on my own hardware but for very small
> tiles... If you build some background with 16x16 tiles (on a 1024
> width-screen->64 tiles per screen ), then the new routine seems a tad
> quicker... I think that maybe we are trying to optimise in the wrong
> place.
> For my purpose I am well conscious that I would be better off writing
> the tiling engine in C and wrapping it later do control it through
> python. I am just too lazy yet ;)

I think someone already brought this up earlier in this thread, but if you 
really need to speed up scrolling, PyOpenGL is the way to go. It really 
makes for a huge difference in performance, even for 2D stuff, in a 
machine that has a decent video card.

It takes a while to learn, but beats coding the engine in C hands down. 
:-) My future projects will probably all use PyOpenGL for graphics and 
leave the rest to PyGame. Even with simple sprite graphics, the difference 
is noticeable.

Sami Hangaslammi

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