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[pygame] Hardware acceleration in linux

Hi, My names Campbell, Im new here,
I have been trying to get hardware blitting working on Xfree86 4.2, and would like to know which graphics cards are good for 2D acceleration in linux.

I have found out that the DGA video driver that SDL can use, supports some hardware blitting depending on your graphics card
I have tried an NVIDIA TNT2 and a Voodoo Banshee, both support DGA but when I ask pygame for the list of graphics features it returns 

<VideoInfo(hw = 1, wm = 0,video_mem = 16384
	     blit_hw = 1, blit_hw_CC = 0, blit_hw_A = 0,
	     blit_sw = 0, blit_sw_CC = 0, blit_sw_A = 0,
	     bitsize  = 16, bytesize = 2,
	     masks =  (63488, 2016, 31, 0),
	     shifts = (11, 5, 0, 0),
	     losses =  (3, 2, 3, 8)>

Also, all of the surfaces show up as SW.

Also has anyone tried SDL's other video drivers- X11, svgalib and DGA, it you want to try one just add these lines in your ~/bashrc

export SDL_VIDEODRIVER="dga"

I think the first line is not needed... anyway it works.
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