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[pygame] Pygame-1.5.5, merry christmas!

good news all! i've packaged everything together for pygame-1.5.5.
there's quite a bit updated in this new release, i'll spell it all out for you here.

* AdvanceMAME2x image scaling
* Sound and Music Queueing
* "Sound Finished" Events
* Fix Crash with Unicode Fonts
* Fix Crash with SubSubSurfaces
* New Rect Attributes: x, y, w, h (like SDL)
* Added get_parent() and get_abs_parent() to Surface (for subsurfaces)
* Added get_offset() and get_abs_offset() to Surface (for subsurfaces)
* Added event.clear() for a cleaner way to empty the queue
* RenderUpdates is smarter with large movements
* RenderClear wasn't properly handling some deleted sprites

that's about it. not bad for a new release. also on the windows binary side, the SDL_image library has been updated to support "tif" images. the windows binaries are also compiled against Numeric-v22, so there should not be any more problems in that department.

unfortunately there are no RPMs at the moment. my method of packaging new rpms seems to have broken at some point. i'll try on them for a little longer, but it could be a week or two before RPMs are ready.

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