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[pygame] asian text display with pygame.font

So I have this truetype font: kochi-gothic.ttf

And I load it in with a typical f=pygame.font.Font("kochi-gothic.ttf",48) etc.. but I still find I can't do Japanese text display.

I've tried text in UTF-8 encoding because that's what made accented vowels and "n-yay" (n~) appear properly with the default pygame font. I've also tried euc_jp and shift jis (?), but to no avail.

I'm just loading in a line of text from a file and doing a pygame.font.render on it. Am I missing something here? admittedly I need to upgrade to pygame-1.5.5, but I wanted to see if there was another problem.

I'm using Linux 2.4.20 on a US-English localed machine.

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