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Re: [pygame] IDE

I'm a vim user, I have a lot of great plugins for it and have gotten used to the style of writing. If I use an IDE, I tend for PyCharm using the Vim plugins

On Sat, Dec 22, 2018, 10:02 AM David <dvp1964@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Just wondering which IDE people use...
I know some love ATOM editor (which isn't an ide, but still...)
some love Pycharm but I've heard complaints too
Eclipse is too much of a monster....
I guess I should break it down to things like
Paid or Open Source?
Programmers Text Editor or IDE?
Python-specific IDE or one of many?
Cross-platform is a major plus, but Linux only is fine -win/mac only is NOT
Should teens learning to program use a safe, simple, fluffy one, or just dive into what many people use?

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