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Re: [pygame] loopwave.py equivalent?

On 04/02/12 04:55 PM, Will Woods wrote:
I want to be able to continuously modify a sound buffer from a
callback, exactly as shown in the pygame 0.09 example loopwave.py


This uses direct access to SDL which seems to have disappeared in more
recent versions of pygame. I need to be able to  continuously vary the
frequency modulation of a tone in response to user input.


This is from the ctypes-soc branch of Pygame, where Pygame was rewritten using ctypes. It included an SDL subpackage. The branch is not maintained, but the SDL package should still work. I don't see why the SDL package can not be used with mainstream Pygame. Just include it with your project. Be sure, though, to call pygame.mixer.quit() before using SDL. Better still, just initialize the Pygame modules you need rather that calling pygame.init().

Lenard Lindstrom