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Re: [pygame] Pygame 2.0

On 12/02/12 05:21 PM, Zack Baker wrote:
I've only been on the mailing list for a few months now so forgive me but is pygame 2.0 anywhere on the horizon? I would be very willing to do tests on I with Mac sox lion because my dream would be Mac with pygame on python 3.0 sigh....

Hi Everyone,

I don't know what this Pygame 2.0 is supposed to be. The upcoming Pygame 1.9.2 could be released as Pygame 2.0 if that would make users happy. There is a pgreloaded (Pygame2) <http://code.google.com/p/pgreloaded/> , that was spun off from Pygame by Marcus von Appen. But it is an independently maintained project that is incompatible with Pygame. For Pygame 1.9.2 pre-alpha, there is a new text rendering module, improved Unicode support, good integration with Python 3.2, generic array support (used with NumPy), and a reworked PixelArray that slicing operations consistent with other array types.

As for SDL 2.0 support, that will wait until SDL 2.0 is ready.

Lenard Lindstrom