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Re: [pygame] Pygame 2.0

On 13/02/12 06:57 PM, James Paige wrote:
On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 05:57:46PM -0800, Keith Nemitz wrote:
I'm happy with the 1.9.2 designation. Though, we all owe a lot of respect to those who added cool new features to pygame.

It'd be nice to sync up pygame with sdl 2.0.  But that's just the romantic in me.
If the next major release of pygame is ready and SDL 2.0 is not out yet,
we should be calling it pygame 1.10.0

(but hopefully SDL 2.0 WILL be out by then)

James Paige
I like that, reserving Pygame 2.0 for SDL 2.0. Otherwise, I'm unsure what constitutes a major Pygame release. Sections of Pygame 1.9.2 underwent significant rewriting, for instance.

Lenard Lindstrom