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Re: [pygame] Re: Pygame, pyglet, 2d, 3d, and performance (reflexions/discussion)

> I have to say, performance seems to be a really high priority for you, compared
> with most people on this list. If you're always going to want great performance
> from the weakest devices available, python and Pygame are clearly at a disadvantage.

 No, no, performance is not a priority, it's just that I would like it not be a drawback for pygame, or a reason for not to choose it.

 The fact is that I prefer python to C, a lot (although I still write C code with the z88dk compiler for the Sinclair Spectrum), and would like to continue using python.

> Incidentally, I'd love to see the SDL game you ported to HTML5 if you feel like sharing!

It's a simple remake of a Sinclair ZX Spectrum game called Maziacs that I wrote ¿10? years ago to learn SDL. And I was porting it to HTML5/JS with gamejs just to learn it.

I stopped porting it after a couple of days when I tested it on Android and iPad and run a 0.00001 fps :-( . After asking in gamejs's mailing list, I was told that nowadays, mobile (and tablet) browsers do not support 2D accelerated canvas :-(

I have a simple test online, IIRC:


And this is the (old) webpage of the SDL version:


 Thanks for answering!

Santiago Romero
Ubuntu GNU/Linux