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Re: [pygame] Re: Pygame, pyglet, 2d, 3d, and performance (reflexions/discussion)


Just a note, that SDL on some ARM platforms uses a video backend based on opengles.  So it does the blits in hardware somewhat.

SDL 2.0 has hardware accelerated blits (direct3d, opengl etc).  SDL 2 finally looks like it will get released, and is in fact now able to be installed alongside SDL 1.2.  This is a major step which means that way more people can contribute to it, and actually package it for operating systems (which then increases development efforts).  The todo list is also getting smaller, so I'm hopeful.  BUT, it is not released still after many years.

If you want to actually release a small _game_, then pygame will probably work ok for you.  If you want to spend your time making or researching amazing graphics engines, then it's best to go the route of something else (probably C++/opengl/direct3d).

Pygame on android is faster than a _javascript_ web game for older android versions.  I've heard android 4.0 might speed up js canvas speed, but don't know of anyone with a 4.x device yet (apparently 1% of so of people).  But you will to optimize, it won't be super easy to get acceptable speed.  However, note that Webkit has exponentially more development going into it at the moment - so it looks to improve a lot in the next 1-2 years.

I hope that gives you some realistic expectations, or helps in some way.  My personal & biased take is don't worry about performance, relax and make a pygame(or what ever will get your game finished).  Perhaps if it is successful, then you can redo it in a more performant way (if needed).