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Re: [pygame] Antialiased circle

On 25/02/12 07:07 PM, Christopher Arndt wrote:
Am 18.01.12 22:39, schrieb jug:
Here is a small module that works on top of pygame.gfxdraw to draw some
nice (filled) aacircles, lines and rounded rects (have a look at the


this was mainly a test to see whats possible and also to compare
different methods. Of course its damn slow :)

It looks nice though and it seems that some functions could be easily put in a Cython module. Probably all of it if the code directly calls the PyGame C-Code.

There's a small bug in the "advanced_example.py" script: line 86 should be "i = int(i % 360)" instead of "i %= 360".

I'll run some tests with this module to see how it performs on my Android tablet...

I guess I need to take another look at pexdra.

Lenard Lindstrom