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Re: [pygame] Scrap module not working with external applications

On Fri, 2012-07-13 at 18:05 +0200, Marcus von Appen wrote:
> What external application? What underlying UI toolkit does it use? How
> do you put text into the clipboard with it? Where do you paste the
> content to? How do you paste the content (middle mouse button, special
> other operation, application-builtin command)?

This particular application was gedit, so a GTK+ application. Copied
normally using Ctrl+C. The output is from pushing 'p' in the previous
program which displays the available types and content from scrap.

> > And, this is the output from pasting something from pygame:
> >
> > UTF8_STRING Test string
> > TEXT Test string
> > STRING Test string
> > text/plain Test string
> Am I right that you refer to the test program above? Where do you paste
> the content to and how do you do it?

This output is from simply pushing 'c' then 'p' in the previous program.

> > The problem, is that the SCAP_TEXT constant is "text/plain". As can be
> > seen, this is None from an external application.
> If the external application does not set the mime-type text/plain, then
> it is None, correct.

Of course, but it did set text/plain, but added charset information to
the type, so it counts as something separate as far as Pygame is

> TEXT is quite strict in its definition within the X11 libraries,
> especially when it comes to the encoding (woohay, multibyte...). It
> might be better to change the SCRAP_TEXT definition to
> "text/plain;charset=utf-8" as default - if most other applications
> support it already.
> Otherwise I'd recommend to query the available types first and then pick
> the content for the type that suits the application-specific needs best.

Whatever you think is best. If nothing is changed, it should atleast be
mentioned in the documentation. It confused me for awhile, as to why I
couldn't paste stuff from another application. Now I realise I can if I
avoid the SCRAP_TEXT constant.

Program repeated for convenience:

        import pygame
        from pygame.locals import *
        screen = pygame.display.set_mode((600,480))
        while True:
            e = pygame.event.wait()
            if e.type == KEYDOWN:
                if e.key == K_c:
                    pygame.scrap.put(SCRAP_TEXT, "Test string")
                elif e.key == K_p:
                    types = pygame.scrap.get_types()
                    for t in types:
                        print t, pygame.scrap.get(t)
                elif e.key == K_ESCAPE:

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