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Re: [pygame] Python property conventions in my new Sprite class


On, Mon Jul 30, 2012, Sagie Maoz wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I would like to have your opinion on some decisions I made when writing a
> new Sprite class, as part of my Summer of Code project [1].
> As part of this work. I wrote several new features related to the core
> Sprite class, which can be set and manipulated through new attributes of
> the class.
> You can read about the new attributes and my implementation on my blog [2].
> I've decided to make use of Python's properties feature [3] to have more
> control on these attributes, and apply some calculations in their getters
> and setters.

just some general things from my "lessons learned"[tm]:

use decorators, if possible, in favour of property() - this makes the
code more readable, since it's clear that foo is a property, without
scrolling X hundred lines down in the code:

def foo(self):

def _setfoo(self, value):

Avoid useless property encapsulations as in Java/C++/C#/..., as you did
for the "visible" one in your code. You do not do any internal magic, but
just assign it, why would you want a property for that?

Note that properties eat up (a few) cycles, since they defer to a method
to be called, etc. If you do not do complex checks, avoid properties.

Directly code related:

Your _get_image() code changes internals of the Sprite at run-time - it
is a read operation that CHANGES stuff - do not do that, it's bad for
everyone, one would not usually expect it and it's not even noted in the doc


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