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Re: [pygame] potential logo

> The one you've put up looks fine as it is, but I'm afraid it might not
> scale down very well.  If you need to shrink it for your 640x480 game,
> or so it doesn't take up *quite* so much estate on your webpage, text
> tends to become illegible.

yeah, i tried bringing it down to 100x100 and i completely agree, 
it becomes worthless. well i'll keep fiddling. for some reason i
was thinking it would work better than it did at smaller sizes

> Can we think of something to give it more Py and more Game without text?
> Does pygame have a mascot? ;)

this would be more ideal. unfortunately i lack the creative end needed
to come up with a real live mascot or logo of some form. :P the pygame
project will be really grateful for anyone who can stir up something

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