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Re: [pygame] potential logo

Pete Shinners -- Dimanche 03 Juin 2001 22:56:
> > The one you've put up looks fine as it is, but I'm afraid it might not
> > scale down very well.  If you need to shrink it for your 640x480 game,
> > or so it doesn't take up *quite* so much estate on your webpage, text
> > tends to become illegible.
> yeah, i tried bringing it down to 100x100 and i completely agree,
> it becomes worthless. well i'll keep fiddling. for some reason i
> was thinking it would work better than it did at smaller sizes

This might not be your fault. I have come to the sad conclusion that Gimp is 
not very good at scaling images way down. Some non-free Windows software 
packages do a much better job.

By the way, I really like the logo. However, I think it would look a bit 
better if the circles were AA and if you didn't put bumps on the circles 
where the letters spill over. Let them spill over. Just MHO.


Jérôme Loisel

Jérôme Loisel, étudiant et webmestre
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