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Re: [pygame] sdl_ttf 2.0?

> will pygame 1.1 use SDL_TTF 2.0?

as far as i know, SDL_TTF2 is a drop-in replacement for SDL_TTF,
so it should already work with pygame 1.0 ? i have not really
looked at it much yet.

SDL_TTF2 uses the freetype2 libraries, which are much better
than the older freetype1.x it has used in the past. technically
SDL_TTF2 could allow us several new features, like loading fonts
from a python file-like object, rotated text, kerning, and more.

it is still currently in beta last i checked. once it's really out
i'll look at making pygame.font work with it. likely supporting
both versions of SDL_TTF for awhile (if that is possible)

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