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RE: [pygame] Handling keys

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, {3.0} bob wrote:

>You could always allow the user to configure what keys mean what [without
>hacking at your code].. unlike solarwolf =/  hehe

Yeah, but what a hassle just to let the user type simple chat messages. I
want to allow the players to send simple chat messages to each other. I
would never want to define a keymap manually in a game just so that I
could write a smiley... :-)

Disallowing all special characters is not good, as there are quite a few
useful ones that I'd like to include. If SDL used normal X-server keysyms
instead of own ones (as I assume) I could write an external application in
C that would query the X-server for the actual character for a keysym,
print that on stdout and then have our game read stdout... But that would
leave Windows/Mac users out in the cold.

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