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[pygame] Python Point - thanks

Thanks to all who replied.  I'm going to check out the
image scaling from pyui first.  Only if that proves
inadequate for some reason will I roll my own.

Here's a little more info on what I have built and
where I'm going with it:

A presentation consists of a series of pages and a
shared visual element pool.
Pages have a series of page local visual elements and
a series of steps required to present the page:
drawing visual elements, pausing for a set time or
waiting for a keypress.  Other step types are easily

Visual elements are rendered in a seperate thread
while the previous page is displayed, giving very
snappy response.

Visual elements and drawing instructions all use a 0.0
to 0.1 coordinate system so they scale onto any size
display surface.

Presently, I've implemented text, solidfill and
arbitrary gradient
Gradient( width,depth,function, startrgb, endrgb )

eg.  horizontalredgreen=Gradient( 1.0, 1.0, lambda
x,y:x, (255,0,0), (0,255,0))

I have not begun work on the page creation tools. 
I've built them in python code to test the viewer.

The shared element pool exists because gradients take
a few seconds to generate and many presentations will
use the same gradient on all backgrounds.

Once I have images sorted out and an animation step,
I'll publish viewer 0.5.0 (about half way toward
1.0.0) and start on the authoring tool(s).

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