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Re: [pygame] Power Point Replacement [long]

> Finally, he cuts to the chase and asks the question:
> 1. If I do the work to integrate a smooth zoom
> capability into pygame ( I expect a numpy C extension
> would be the most seamless fit ), is there any
> interest in integrating it as a mainstream pygame
> feature (dependant on Numeric).

yes, this could be added to the library. i've recently
added a transform module to pygame which adds basic
rotation, scaling, and flipping. the rotation and scaling
aren't filtered, mainly because i didn't really want to
take the time to write them in. 
really, there's tons of filtered image scaling algorithms
and code out there, so it wouldn't be much work to just
add them into the pygame.transform. i probably won't do
it unless i ever really need it :]  but if anyone delivers
some working code i'd likely get it integrated.

> 2. Failing this, is there any interest in integrating
> rotozoom.

creating a wrapper for SDL_rotozoom would be very simple.
wrap the one function and you're done. probably around
15 lines of code. at this point i'm not sure where i'd
want to put the wrapper for this. it could go into the pygame
source, but i think i'd rather keep it in some list of 
external libraries? i guess technically the code is LGPL
so we could just drop the code into pygame and not need the
extra dependency. perhaps that would just work best?

> 3. Is anyone else interested in a powerpoint
> replacement?  The features at the top of my list are:

i think it would be pretty nice. if you're going for simple
i can't imagine it would be too much work.

one thing you'll probably need is a small library of different
transitions (dissolve, slide in, etc, etc). if you do end up
with that, i'd recommend making it an easily separatable module. :]

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